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lol, halfchan cuck detected

this is my fetish <3

holy heck that was relatable.
I'm currently in a course for animation and the first part involved learning all the adobe products that we would never use again such as inDesign and illustrator (some people liked illustrator but I dreaded it and just did all my super basic illustrations in photoshop since I had a few years experience with it so I felt more comfortable doing illustrator things in photoshop.)

recently though we had to do some film work so we could work on scripting/writing before we get onto the actual animation part and it was dreadful and fun at the same time.
both groups I was in got me to do the script writing, which I was fine with and super proud of but it resulted in no one following the scripts I wrote which brought intense emotional trauma ;-;
however my first drink ended up drinking a bit and a smaller portion of the group all ended up getting stoned as hell together so that was great bonding ^_^
and I did get some practice storyboarding/writing which is great for the animation module that starts next month and will hopefully help me improve the overall quality of my work.

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the game looks cool but the camera won't follow my character :( (am on chrome, idk if that effects anything)

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nice goo gal'

reminds me of the drake on the bridge in dark souls <3
just because of the gritty aesthetic, it's great :)

HappytoDraw responds:

Thanks! Demon- & Dark Souls is a big inspiration for me. I really enjoy those game worlds:)

this gives me heavy vibes of the power puff girls episode when hairy adult men dress as the PPG to commit crimes.

Calybar responds:

that episode is truly unforgettable for that.

I'm currently an animation student in uni.
I like to make things with a cut-out aesthetic, whether it be webcomics or animations <3
Most of my stuffs inspired by my favorite games and shows including south park, invader zim and the binding of isaac

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