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very spooky vibes, I love it <3

lol, halfchan cuck detected

this is my fetish <3

holy heck that was relatable.
I'm currently in a course for animation and the first part involved learning all the adobe products that we would never use again such as inDesign and illustrator (some people liked illustrator but I dreaded it and just did all my super basic illustrations in photoshop since I had a few years experience with it so I felt more comfortable doing illustrator things in photoshop.)

recently though we had to do some film work so we could work on scripting/writing before we get onto the actual animation part and it was dreadful and fun at the same time.
both groups I was in got me to do the script writing, which I was fine with and super proud of but it resulted in no one following the scripts I wrote which brought intense emotional trauma ;-;
however my first drink ended up drinking a bit and a smaller portion of the group all ended up getting stoned as hell together so that was great bonding ^_^
and I did get some practice storyboarding/writing which is great for the animation module that starts next month and will hopefully help me improve the overall quality of my work.

basically that feeling you get when you get up to the two archers in Anor Londo with a melee based character in Dark Souls

gave me flashbacks of when I made some waluigi stickers and had to find good places to put them round Wellington city <3
GG WP ^_^

this video traumatized me
thx <3

hahaha, what a story Chutney

TheReviewTrickster responds:

People are very strange these days.

very blunt and straight forward

I had an art teacher who told us we had to draw models in specific ways, in such a way that everybody in class would get the same end result, I would follow along, get my piece done, then usually go over it. removing the eyes, adding joker slits to the mouths, putting the characters in weird cult-ish robes, etc
so the teacher kept pointing me out to the class as a bad example and telling me that what I was doing was not art (because it was different to everyone else's work)

then again, the same psychotic bitch spent an entire week ranting about how she's a rebellious artist due to the fact that her teacher in primary school told her not to mix colored paint with black paint, but she mixed black and yellow to make ugly green... which was apparently enough for her to make art a career choice and torment people with retarded teachings

Raziberry responds:

God damn, dude.

I'm currently an animation student in uni.
I like to make things with a cut-out aesthetic, whether it be webcomics or animations <3
Most of my stuffs inspired by my favorite games and shows including south park, invader zim and the binding of isaac

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